Benjamin Azamati and Joseph Amoah top the world

Benjamin Azamati and Joseph Amoah top the world


For the first time in our history Ghanaians occupy the first 2 spots on the World 100m ranking.

Benjamin Azamati (9.90s) & Joseph Amoah (9.94s) are part of our special breed of Athletes but need massive support to become great.

If Government don't invest now,they never will, two sub 10s in relay team means We can be World beaters. Camp must open for these guys right after the NCAA season.There’s a need to practice the relay more often , try  athletes in different legs to come up with the best formula.Government! Make funds available,


Ghana can make a huge impression at the World Championships in Oregon and the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham if we do the right things .Their times are great but the difference is a lack of competition at the highest level , so  the best time to invest is now and there's no excuse

Very little on our part has gone into the development of these Athletes.Their respective Universities have put in hard the work to get our athletes produce these performances.We can only take advantage if we plan well,provide support when they're out of school & INVEST BIG.

By George Addo Jnr / JoySports