2023 Africa Games: AU commend LOC

2023 Africa Games: AU commend LOC

AU in GHA23

Dr. Decius Chipande, the Coordinator for the African Union Sport Council has commended the Local Organizing Committee for their drive and enthusiasm as well as the hunger for success in organizing the Accra 2023 African Games.

The AU in charge of the Games arrived in Ghana on Friday, June 4 to assess infrastructure and Ghana’s preparedness for the continental competition.

Speaking at the Technical Committee for the African Games orientation workshop for the Local Organizing Committee for the 13th African Games, Ghana 2023, Dr. Decius Chipande stated;

“The Africa Union Sport Council stands ready to provide all the necessary support to enhance Ghana’s aspirations of hosting the best African Games the continent has ever held. I would like to encourage all of you members of the LOC to make an effort to familiarize yourselves with the Games’ foundation documents among them being the General Rules, Fundamental Regulations and Hosting Agreement to ensure consistency and avoid setting a precedence for future hosts.”

He further encouraged the government of Ghana to remain tenacious towards creating a Games legacy through sport and non-sport-related innovations. He stated that , the plans to establish a Multi-purpose Sports Complex need to be brought to fruition as such a complex becomes a corridor to stimulate Ghana’s sports tourism and commercialization of sport.

“ I would like to encourage the Director General of the NSA  to be wary of negative speculative narratives that may be peddled with the aim to divert attention from the big task at hand. All hands need to be on deck and eyes kept on the ball in spite of attempts to discourage and dismiss Ghana’s efforts towards successful hosting of the Games.”

The Director General of the National Sports Authority, Prof Peter Twumasi represented the Youth and Sports minister. In his speech, Prof Peter revealed

“Ghana is ready to welcome Africa in 2023. COVID-19, not withstanding its devastating effect in slowing down the process towards our preparation towards the 13th African Games, we are hopeful that very soon, the Host Nation Protocol Agreement will be signed and the construction and refurbishment of the required facilities will be ready in good time for the Games.”

“We want to use sports to accelerate the integration of the continent of Africa and to foster a close networking relationship among the youth of Africa.

We also believe that sports should be used to prevent crime, create jobs, empower women, enhance social inclusion, improve health and fitness, foster peace and unity, increase economic growth, prevent drug abuse and improve social cohesion and community identity among others.

For these and other reasons, Ghana places a lot of premium on the development and organization of sports. That is why Ghana sees the hosting and organization of the 13th African Games as an opportunity to contribute towards the use of sports as a tool to develop our beautiful continent-AFRICA.”-he added .

By: Ayishatu Zakaria Ali / Happy Sports