Tennis Academy Suggested By Mrs. Cathrine Morton

Tennis Academy Suggested By Mrs. Cathrine Morton


Mrs. Cathrine Morton of Activly Sports, one of the organisers of the 2020 Sydney Katz Tennis Open for children Under 12 and Under14 has suggested the setting up of an Academy to coach tennis starlets and rising stars.

In an exclusive interview with Yours Truly after the successful training tournament, she said all went well and commended everyone who contributed in the organization.

“We are going to work with the Ghana Tennis Foundation and select 12 girls with potential and train them for a year” she revealed

She congratulated the winners and losers as well as the sponsors who made the whole show possible.

She noted that the young players had the will to play but lacked technique, especially the girls, so she appealed to the Ghana Tennis Federation to consider founding an Academy to camp and train potential continental and world beaters.

She also hailed the partnership with the Michael Nortey Foundation who shared much experience to officials and players as initiators of the programme.

She disclosed that the Sydney Katz Open for junior players has come to stay and would be competed annually.

According to Mrs. Morton, the training matches were meant to welcome new players, keep players active and sharpen their skills.

She was thrilled that despite the Covid 19 challenges, they were able to put up the event

Special prizes from the organisers and sponsors were given to the winners and runners up.

The 2020 Sydney Katz Juniors Tennis Open was sponsored by Twellium Industrial Company, IPMC, New York Tennis and Learning Programme, Puma Drinks, Active and H.A.B.E.S.H.A.

By Sammy Heywood Okine