Why I Love To Support Sports- Dr. Dan Mckorley

Why I Love To Support Sports – McDan Reveals

6756667235297_5796123906659Dr Daniel Mckorley, who has been supporting sporting disciplines in the country, especially Tennis, said his passion for sports and the youth drives him to come on board to support.

According to him, there are lots of potentials on the streets of Ghana and believes sports can help the youth in the country.

“A little token to sports goes a long way to help the less privileged. I really want to help the GOC because all the Sporting disciplines fall under this big umbrella. I promised the GOC and I’ve delivered.”

Dr. Mckorley who sponsors the annual Dade Kotopone Constituency Football Fiesta, involving teams from Osu, La, Teshie, and the popular McDan Tennis Open said with sports sponsorship, many people benefit and he loves to see people happy than sad with nothing going on for them.

The sports philanthropist who has created jobs for many people noted that people are suffering and they must be supported, that is why he feels pity and choses to go into sports, because sports is a way of life, culture, business, entertainment, leisure, recreation and medicine.

He revealed that there are so many street people who look up to him and he also feels cool to support them, because they have no one to help them and no where to go for their living.

IMG-20170430-WA0109The CEO of McDan Group of Companies believes supporting sports will earn him many spiritual rewards, because he does it to the glory of God and for Ghana to benefit in keeping healthy people and finding potentials to compete for the nation.

Dr. McKorley who was rewarded by the Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG) has also called on the media to put sports association head on their toes by criticising positively and also contributing by advising the presidents and executives.

He congratulated the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) headed by Ben Nunoo Mensah for offering opportunity to sports journalists to serve as media attaches on the various sports associations.

Last week, he donated a Daewoo Matrix Salon car to the GOC. Earlier in the year, he had presented a van to the Ghana Tennis Federation (GTF). Before, he had paid international affiliation fees for the GTF which saved the nation from a ban from the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

By Sammy Heywood Okine