All set for 2016 National Badminton Open Tournament

Daniel Sam_1Badminton Association of Ghana today announced the 2016 National Badminton Open Tournament to be held in GPHA Sports Facility,C.2 Tema from Wednesday, July 27th-Saturday 30th July 2016

The 2016 BADMINTON GHANA OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP is one of the exclusive national tournaments under the patronage of the Badminton Association of Ghana. The 2016 National Championship is a sanctioned National Event with a prize cash and cash equivalent of more than GHC 10,000

  • Its purpose is to widen our national talent development team and to select badminton athletes for Veterans World Championship and build a solid national team towards Africa and the Commonwealth Games.
  • Results achieved at our event are counting 4 years towards our Olympic qualification in Tokyo 2020
  • The sports event is attracting more than 50,000 spectators each year in Ghana and closes the attention of international press and media. 
  • Well over 100,000 households Ghanaians and all over the world (via satellite) will be watching the national event streaming live.
  • Badminton (considered by experts as a sport with a great future) became even more important when it was upgraded to an Olympic Sport since 1992. It’s the most exercised racket sport in the world and the second most viewed sport in the world.
  • 239 local and foreign athletes from all regional clubs of the country will be participating with players aged between 9 and 66 years old will be participating


Clubs from Accra badminton, Akim-Tafo badminton, UCC Badminton Club, GPHA Tema Badminton Club, GPHA Takoradi Badminton Club, HO Badminton Club, Waa Badminton Club, KNUST Badminton Club, Kumasi Badminton Club, Lekma Badminton Club, Suhum Badminton Club, Takoradi Badminton Club and Winneba Badminton Club.

 Mr Nestor Galley, The National President said, “Through global partnership with Badminton World Federation (BWF), we have the opportunity to bring the sport back to its status as a fun, family sport. We are working with educational Institutions and corporates to conduct the badminton tournaments, giving Ghanaian people an opportunity to engage with friends and families in a competitive yet fun environment.” 

Mr Yeboah, Evans, Tournament Director, said, “Badminton is worlds second most viewed  popular sport but it definitely needs a lot of support to become as popular as football in Ghana. Being a family sport which sees equal participation from mostly all family members, there is a lot of hidden talent out there. With National Championship, we hope to unearth the talent and build a strong base for future badminton stars of Ghana.

This tournament is a large undertaking requiring sponsorship at all levels and volunteer support. This year’s tournament is being sponsored by Oman Fofo, Blue Skies, Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority.  

Tournament organizers are hoping individuals, service organizations and businesses large and small will consider what support they may be able to provide to make this a successful and memorable event for our national and international visitors.


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