Ghana secure scholarships for Rowing and Canoeing coaches

The renaissance of rowing and canoeing in this country has received another huge boost following the granting of three scholarships for technical handlers of the sport in Ghana to undertake further training in Europe and America next year.

These scholarships which were secured by the Ghana Rowing and Canoeing Association (GRCA) at the 35th International Canoeing Federation (ICF) Ordinary Congress currently ongoing in Warsaw, Poland and would be wholly funded by the ICF and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Beside that, GRCA Vice President, Kamal Sulley and executive member, Rashid Jajah who are representing Ghana at the congress being attended by 137 countries also got an agreement that will benefit Ghanaian athletes preparing for major competitions to train and camp in France.


Ghana Rowing
"We secured three different scholarships for our coaches to go for refresher courses and further training in Spain, Hungary and USA fully paid by the international federation and the International Olympic Committee, all in 2015," Kamal Sulley told exclusively from the global meeting in Poland.

"We also managed to secure a training camp for our athletes in France to be fully paid by the international federation and the France Federation. It means our athletes are assured of the training for major tournaments with first class facilities," the GRCA Vice President added.

The two Ghanaian officials are keen on winning more partners in the quest to develop and progress with the sport in this country, underlying the mission of the new GRCA Board which assumed office only in June this year under the leadership of Francis Decland, a renowned boxing promoter and former Chairman of Promotions of Ghana Boxing Authourity.

They have barely been office five months but already there are signs there is real renaissance and excellent future for rowing and canoeing in this country, even the athletes have confessed about the good leadership that the new executives are delivering.

Not least of the officials keen on fostering the rise of rowing and canoeing is Vice President of the Ghanaian federation, Kamal Sulley who regularly travels all over the world attending international meetings and tournaments, all in a bid to seek for international cooperation.

"A lot of the African countries were also represented so we also had the Africa Federation meeting to deliberate on ways of increasing the participation and popularity of the sport across the continent," Mr. Sulley disclosed.

"We also met a lot of the international federation executives seeking for collaboration. We are moving forward and soon I promise you we will be winning more medals than football," Kamal Sulley affirmed.