International Volleyball Instructor Sherif El Shemerly conducts coaching course in Ghana

International Volleyball Instructor Sherif El Shemerly conducts coaching course in Ghana

Eyptian volleyball coach Sherrif and Ghanaian sports officials

The Ghana Volleyball Association (GVA) has organised the 2018 intensive edition of the international coaches’ course at the Media Centre of the Accra Sports Stadium.

International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) instructor, Sherif El Shemerly from Egypt, who is also the chairman of the coaches’ commission of the CAVB was in Ghana to support the Ghana coaches after the national team performed well at the African Championship.

The course took place from Saturday, March 17, 2018 to Tuesday, March 20, 2018 and was in line with the framework of the implementation of the Confederation of African Volleyball’s (CAVB) Strategic Plan to develop, spread and activate volleyball and beach volley all over Africa.

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president of the Ghana volleyball association Paul Atchoe told the media at the end of the course that the CAVB President, Dr Amr Elwani, has an agenda of decentralising the game and making it popular on the continent, hence allowing Sherif El Shemerly as the resource person for the course, and he lived up to expectation as the participants commended him for his vast knowledge of the game and the way he expertly shared his experienced and very vital points in the game,such as the use of good servers and training throughout the year for perfection.  
President of GVA, Paul Atchoe said volleyball in Ghana is rising very fast, and added that he foresees Ghana dominating at the international level in the near future.
He said his administration has placed a priority on the youth development policy for the game, and volleyball is no longer recreational sport, but highly competitive and for business with some playing professional in the advanced nations.
Atchoe said the coaching course would help to train more coaches for the association’s vision of getting more trainers across the country.
He added that the plan for the year is to get the sport in most schools in the country, especially in the junior and senior high schools, therefore this coaching course would serve that purpose.

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Meanwhile, A Dutch with an affiliate in Ghana has offered Beach Volleyball, Boxing and Athletics a sponsorship package which will take the three disciples through their qualifications and preparations to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and beyond. Discussions were sealed at the GOC Boardroom with heads of the selected disciples, the GOC leadership and executives of Cocoa From Ghana
In another development the National Beach Volleyball coach Mumuni Moro, the National Technical Director and the GVA President visited the office of the sponsors to buttress discussions which were made in the GOC boardroom. The following were confirmed:
1. Our U19 teams currently preparing for the Youth All African Games to be held in Algiers will be fully supported till we qualify to attend the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires. 
2. The senior team will also be supported through the preparations with involvement in European championships till we qualify for Tokyo 2020.
3. Under this dispensation equipment will be provided in support of our development projects and expansion into all the regions 
4. Into the future, a camping site will be built, providing accommodation and modern training facilities for our players.
“For our Traditional volleyball, we vigorously continue with our insurgence into Africa. We have fought harder to improve our ranking which is currently 9th in Africa, qualify and would use next year's All African Games to get a ticket to Tokyo 2020. It is possible, but we all as a fraternity need to put our shoulders to the wheel and push with one force” said the President of Ghana Volleyball Association.