ANOCA And Let’s Do It World Sign MOU To Observe World Cleanup Day 2020

ANOCA And Let’s Do It World Sign MOU To Observe World Cleanup Day 2020

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A Memorandum of Understanding Between Let’s Do It World and Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa has been signed.

The purpose of this collaboration between Let’s Do It World (LDIW) and National Olympic Committees of Africa (ACNOA) is to collaborate for the success of World Cleanup Day 2020 and contribute to mutual cause of a clean and waste-free world.

WHEREAS, ‘Let’s Do It World’ (LDIW), is an international organisation which connects and empowers people and organisations around the world to make our planet waste-free. LDIW coordinates the ‘World Cleanup Day’ (WCD) joint initiative, to take place on the 3rd weekend of September annually, with the aim of mobilising millions of people around the world to clean up all the mismanaged waste and raise awareness to tackle the global waste crisis.

WHEREAS, National Olympic Committees of Africa (ACNOA) is an international organisation that unites 54 National Olympic Committees of Africa.

This MoU provides a strategic framework within which the Parties agree to collaborate towards achieving the purpose jointly agreed hereto, specifically spreading the call to action to participate in community cleanups and on World Cleanup Day.

By signing this partnership, both parties commit to:

  1. Contribute to the success of World Cleanup Day on September 19, 2020, globally, and actively encourage members and stakeholders to participate in World Cleanup Day to become involved with these activities as participants in their country and community.
  2. The Parties mention each other as mutual partners on each other’s websites and in external communications.
  3. National Olympic Committees of Africa (ACNOA) will appoint well-established athletes as ambassadors for the movement in their host countries.
  4. Encourage in internal and external communication responsible concern for environmental issues and emphasize every individual’s responsibility to prevent the negative environmental impacts of their actions.
  5. To work on long term partnership with sustainability programs in LDIW network African countries.

It is mutually agreed and understood by the parties that:

  1. This MoU attracts no financial or fiscal obligations. Any financial transactions that arise between the parties shall be on terms agreed by the parties in accordance with any applicable laws, regulations and procedures.
  2. Either party may withdraw from the memorandum upon the written notification to the other party which notice shall become effective upon receipt.

Monsieur Mustapha Berraf, president of ANOCA and Heidi Solba of Let Do It signed the MOU.

In Ghana, the president of the Ghana Olympic Committee, (GOC) Ben Nunoo Mensah has backed the progtamme as a laudable one. He commended Mrs. Kate Opoku, the Ghana country leader for spearheading the cleanup exercise at Laboma Beach and other places.

By Sammy Heywood Okine