Korean Medical Doctor Calls on GOC President

Korean Medical Doctor Calls on GOC President

Dr Yung at GOC

Dr. Kang Woo Yunga, a Korean acupuncture doctor has paid a courtesy call on the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) to introduce himself and offer voluntary medical service to Ghanaian sportsmen and women.

Accompanied by the President of Korean Residents Association in Ghana, Hwaryun Na, also a former national Taekwondo coach and Yoon Sung Lee, Managing Director of Dong Hai Co. Ltd, they meet some GOC executives and the communications team.

Dr. Kang Woo Yung said he wants to come to Ghana and establish, and impart his experience, skills and knowledge on Ghanaians who are interested in learning about the ancient traditional medical practices of the East.

According to the 62 year old practitioner, he loves Africa and heard of Ghana several times, so he wants to come and support sportsmen and women who get injured through performance.

Hwaryun Na who has stayed in Ghana for a long time and handled the national Taekwondo team noted that Ghanaians are energetic, lively and very lovely people, hence it would be worthy to support them.

GOC president and Dr Kang Woo Yung

The GOC President, Ben Nunoo Mensah welcomed the three-man delegation together with Mr. Fred Otu Lartey, President of Ghana Taekwondo Federation/ Treasurer of the GOC and Mr. Theo Wilson Edzie, President of the Ghana Swimming Association/Deputy Treasurer of the GOC.

The GOC President noted that Ghanaians are very hospitable because that is how the grand parents taught them when they receive visitors or guests.

He promised to inform the Medical Committee of the GOC and let them know him and see how they can work with him.