Latest GAA Rankings: Nadia Eke shines at NCAA Indoor champs

Columbia Nadia EkeNadia Eke’s bronze medal feat, three 4th place finishes in the long and triple jumps (Michael Bruce) and the 60m hurdles (Ibrahim Yakabu) as well as a 5.05m (SB) vault by Jordan Yamoah, provided the highlight of Ghanaian performances in two days of competition at the NCAA Indoor Championships, which finished in Fayetteville on Saturday.

Nadia Eke won a bronze medal at the NCAA Division I National Track and Field
Championships with a PB-equaling distance of 13.32m.
This continues a stellar series of competitions beginning with her 10th place finish in the Commonwealth Games Final, silver medal at the 2014 African Championships, and the subsequent representing of Africa at the 2014 IAAF Continental Cup, formerly known as the World Cup.

Also, on Saturday night, new national indoor 800m record holder, Alex Amankwah successfully ended the indoor season with a 6th place finish in the 800m.

Meanwhile, in the NCAA Division II National Championships, Ghanaian athletes secured three 4th place finishes in the long and triple jumps (Michael Bruce) and the 60m hurdles (Ibrahim Yakabu), with Jordan Yamoah finishing 7th in the pole vault with a season best 5.05m.

Elsewhere in the NCAA Division III National Championships, Katakyie Ofori-Atta
finished 9th in the 60m dash.

Below are the latest Ghana Athletics Association rankings for March, 2015:



Janet Amponsah                              6.93s                  30-Jan   National Record/World Ranking #9

Suzie Acolatse                                  6.98s                  16-Feb   Personal Best

Doreen Agyei                                    7.16s                  01-Feb   Personal Best



Flings Owusu-Agyapong                 7.18s                  16-Jan   =National Record/World Ranking #12

Janet Amponsah                              7.40s                  07-Feb   Personal Best

Gemma Acheampong                     7.49s                  06-Dec  Personal Best

Shekara Boakye                               7.49s                  16-Jan   Personal Best

Akua Obeng-Akrofi                          7.54s                  28-Feb   Personal Best

Hand Time:

Gemma Acheampong                        7.2s                   22-Feb  

Akua Obeng-Akrofi                            7.3s                   05-Dec



Janet Amponsah                              23.40s                  07-Mar  National Record

Akua Obeng-Akrofi                          24.05s                  07-Mar  Personal Best   

Gemma Acheampong                     24.41s                  07-Feb   Personal Best

Stephanie Aidoo                              24.83s                  01-Mar  Personal Best

Shekara Boakye                               24.84s                  21-Feb   Personal Best

Doreen Agyei                                    24.98s                  07-Feb   Personal Best

Lynette Akai                                      24.99s                  27-Feb   Personal Best



Gemma Acheampong                     39.50s                  16-Jan   Personal Best



Lynette Akai                                      55.84s                  26-Feb   Personal Best

Stephanie Aidoo                              56.20s                  13-Feb   Personal Best

Ama Larbi                                          57.56s                  10-Jan

Bless Dupeh                                      57.86s                  27-Feb   Personal Best

Elizabeth Dadzie                              59.07s                  04-Dec



Stephanie Aidoo                              1.17.28m             16-Jan   Personal Best

Bless Dupeh                                      1.17.63m             09-Jan   Personal Best



Lynette Akai                                      1.37.74m             06-Feb   Personal Best

Bless Dupeh                                      1.39.63m             04-Dec  Personal Best



Ama Larbi                                          2.19.23m             06-Feb   Personal Best



Lydia Mato                                        2.58.42m             07-Mar  Personal Best


One Mile

Lydia Mato                                        5.03.35m             07-Mar  Personal Best



Lydia Mato                                        10.10.73s            06-Mar



Lydia Mato                                        17.14.40s            16-Jan   Personal Best



Elizabeth Dadzie                              8.47s                  07-Mar  Personal Best


High Jump

Elizabeth Dadzie                              1.55m                 06-Dec


Long Jump

Elizabeth Dadzie                              6.05m                   20-Feb

Ebony Owusu-Sampah                   5.90m                   06-Feb, 07-March Personal Best

Nadia Eke                                          5.85m                   28-Feb   Personal Best


Triple Jump

Nadia Eke                                          13.32m                1-Mar, 14-Mar Personal Best

Mathilde Boateng                           12.88m                21-Feb

Elizabeth Dadzie                              12.40m                07-Mar  Personal Best


Shot Putt

Obeng Marfo                                    14.68m                21-Feb   Personal Best

Claudia Ababio                                 14.18m                12-Feb   Personal Best


Weight Throw

Obeng Marfo                                    17.76m                13-Feb   Personal Best

Claudia Ababio                                 17.60m                17-Jan   Personal Best



Elizabeth Dadzie                              3594p                   30-Jan  




Allah Laryea Akrong                        6.74s                  09-Jan

Solomon Afful                                  6.83s                  06-Mar  Personal Best

Emmanuel Dasor                             6.82s                  06-Feb   Personal Best

Katakyie Ofori-Atta                         6.88s                  21-Feb   Personal Best

Tim Abeyie                                        6.89s                  24-Jan

Shadrack Adu-Gyamfi                     6.95s                  09-Jan



Emmanuel Dasor                             21.10s                  26-Feb   Personal Best

Solomon Afful                                  21.51s                  06-Mar  Personal Best

Daniel Gyasi                                      22.11s                  24-Jan   Personal Best

Katakyie Ofori-Atta                         22.26s                  31-Jan   Personal Best

Shadrack Adu-Gyamfi                     22.59s                  09-Jan



Emmanuel Dasor                             47.29s                  17-Jan   Personal Best

Daniel Gyasi                                      47.31s                  07-Mar  Personal Best

Kwame Donyinah                            49.38s                  24-Jan



Daniel Gyasi                                      1.11.23s               30-Jan   Personal Best



Emmanuel Dasor                             1.22.24s               04-Dec



Alex Amankwah                               1.46.86m             24-Jan   National Record/World Ranking #12



Samson Azumah Laari                    2.29.79m             07-Mar  Personal Best


One Mile

Samson Azumah Laari                    4.21.01m             07-Mar  Personal Best   



Samson Azumah Laari                    15.21.92m           21-Feb   Personal Best



Yakabu Ibrahim                                7.88s                  13-Mar  Personal Best

Atsu Nyamadi                                   8.41s                  04-Dec  Personal Best


Pole Vault

Jordan Yamoah                               5.05m                 14-Mar

Atsu Nyamadi                                   3.50m                 06-Dec  Personal Best


High Jump

Atsu Nyamadi                                   2.01m                 01-Feb   Personal Best


Long Jump

Michael Bruce                                  7.41m                 28-Feb   Personal Best

Atsu Nyamadi                                   7.34m                 01-Feb   Personal Best

Mohammed Abubakar                    7.34m                 06-Mar  Personal Best


Triple Jump

Nana Owusu-Nyantekyi                 15.67m                01-Mar  Personal Best

Michael Bruce                                  15.31m                01-Mar  Personal Best

Atsu Nyamadi                                   15.04m                06-Dec  Personal Best


Shot Putt

Atsu Nyamadi                                   14.20m                09-Jan   Personal Best

John Ampomah                                14.13m                09-Jan   Personal Best



Atsu Nyamadi                                   5061p                 26-Feb   Personal Best