Women’s Sports Commissioner Prays For Victory Over Covid-19

Women’s Sports Commissioner Prays For Victory Over Covid-19

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Madam Elizabeth King, Chairperson of the Women's Commission of the Ghana Olympic Committee GOC says she has been so saddened and overwhelmed as the effect of covid -19 has halted most of their plans for the year as the Women Sports Commission (WSC) was innaugurated mid -Dec 2019 and barely 3months into our being commissioned codvid- 19 strucked all the world forcing human beings to attend to safety and health protocols.

She said there were so many programmes that WSC wanted to roll out to help especially women athletes, administrators and technical handlers and not forgetting the sensitization programmes our stakeholders which had been dashed because of these protocols

She expressed that "our sponsorship drive have been dashed also because all the companies and other stakeholders we approach are all facing financial and economic difficulties by this pandemic. Notwithstanding we shall try if we are exploring to see how some virtual programmes can help in our program line-up"

She noted that Hockey, her favourite sport and for that matter team sports have been affected greatly.

“There's no way we can go by some of the protocols- social distancing, wearing of face mask where the players come into contact or bump up with each other all in an effort to follow one ball , where tiredness comes with spitting on the pitches and anger flaring up resulting in insults and heckling etc. Hockey for instance had some international tournaments either hosting or participating outside but all have been kept on hold” she explained.

Madam Elizabeth King stressed that "notwithstanding though I'll urge all athletes to exercise and practice and perfecting their skills individual to correct all their shortcomings so that when the ban on sporting activities is lifted the players will not be found wanting and the team sports will soar higher"

By GOC Communications