“Cycling will take Ghana far if…” – Teye Doku

“Cycling will take Ghana far if…” – Teye Doku

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Vice President of the Ghana Cycling Federation, Teye Doku believes with the needed exposure, the country can become one of the best in the sport on the African continent.

He said this in the wake of team Ghana’s prowess at the ongoing Cycling Championship dubbed “La route de l’est” in Ivory Coast.

Ghana has so far competed in 4 out of the 8 events outlined for the championship and is currently 2mins.33s away from the Ultimate prize, that’s the yellow jersey which comes with a cash reward of 2.2million CFA.

Ghana duo Anthony Boakye and Frank Akuffo Awuku stunned the organizers of the competition with their tremendous performance in 66km and 165km road race. Boakye won the 66km race with a huge gap between him and his opponents while Akuffo came 2nd in the longest race of the competition, thus the 165km race.

Akuffo’s performance prompted the organizers to host team Ghana in one of the best hotels in Ivory Coast (Hotel le Paix) for a night.

Teye Doku insists he is amazed at the performance of his cyclists as they prepared poorly ahead of this championship.

“These guys did not even prepare very well and see the wonders they are performing here. I’m really amazed at the performance they are exhibiting.


cy34567wim“The guys are very united and self-motivated and that is what is helping them. I’m impressed with their effort so far,” Doku told starrsportsgh.com

He is hopeful that Ghana cycling team can become one of the best ranked in Africa if given the need exposure.

“Ghana has the talents but they need the exposure. These guys need a little financial support to participate in international competitions and I tell you if they are given that help, Ghana Cycling team will become the best ranked team in Africa and make the country proud at the global level.

“You can see for yourself what they are capable of doing. I just hope the government pays heed to our lamentations and helps these guys. I tell you, they will take Ghana far,” he added.

Source: StarrSports