How I Stay Motivated While Training for the Beijing 2022 Olympics

How I Stay Motivated While Training for the Beijing 2022 Olympics

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The worst thing about motivation is that it never comes to you when you need it the most.

There’s a common misconception that athletes never run out of energy or motivation; that they’re driven individuals that will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

Yet, there are times when I wake up with no energy or motivation to tackle the day. There are times I want to throw in the towel. There are times I ask myself why I keep pushing myself beyond my limits.

The answer is simple: it’s because I love my sport and I love challenges. I love testing my abilities, strengths, and capabilities.

This doesn’t mean I have unlimited amounts of motivation. But it does mean I have to work extra hard to maintain the amounts I do have.

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Here’s how I do it:

I Change My Routine

I like challenging myself and I like changing my routine from time to time. I understand that most people hate monotony. They get tired of following the same mundane schedule and agendas.

I have to follow a strict training regimen. But that doesn’t mean I don’t change things up from time to time. Some days, I’ll challenge myself by running for an hour. Other days, I’ll try CrossFit.

It all depends on my mood and what I’m aiming for.

I Set Short-Term Goals

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My long-term goal right now is the Beijing Olympics 2022. But what am I doing to achieve my dream?

I keep pushing boundaries and testing myself by setting short-term goals. For example, I’ll think of a training routine I can follow for a week.

After I’m done with training, I’ll educate myself on strategies and methods I can use to improve my speed, strength, and abilities. I’ll also change my diet to meet my body’s requirements for burning high amounts of energy and calories.

I Take Out Time to Relax

Yes, you read that right. A lot of people believe that athletes are always training, without taking a break.

But they forget that we’re human beings. We need to take days off to recover from burnouts. But more importantly, we need to take days off to spend time with family.

I have a beautiful baby daughter and a wonderful wife. These two are my pillars of support and they’re my number one priority.

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Therefore, every once in a while, we go camping and take family holidays. They’re my greatest source of motivation and sometimes you need a change of scenery to get the inspiration you need to tackle challenges that’ll come your way.

As the first Ghanaian skeleton slider to make it to the PyeongchangWinter Olympics, I aim to get better and stronger so I can bring home a medal for Ghana and the Netherlands.

If you’re curious about my journey to the Beijing 2022 Olympics and want to learn more about me, feel free to explore my website.

Source: Akwesi Frimpong