Korean Embassy strengthens the relationship with GTF & NSA

Korean Embassy strengthens the relationship with GTF & NSA


The Ambassador of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, His Excellency Kim Sungsoo on Thursday, May 23, hosted a dinner meeting with the Ghana Taekwondo Federation (GTF) and the National Sports Authority (NSA) at his residence in Accra.

The meeting which was to officially present a sets of Taekwondo Uniforms (Dobok) and belts to the GTF as part of the Embassy’s unwavering support to the development of the combat sport, also had several discussions on ways to ensure a constant and mutual collaboration between the three entities in the furtherance promotion of Taekwondo in Ghana.

The meeting was attended by the President of the Ghana Taekwondo Federation, Frederick Lartey Otu together with the PRO while the Director-General, Prof. Peter Twumasi was flagged by his Acting Head of Technical, Kwaku Abedu Wilson and personal Assistance Jackson. Also in attendance was the Secretary-General for the Embassy, Jeong Dongik and the Korean Community representative, Grandmaster Hwaryuna Na, who has once coached President Otu.

Welcoming his guests at his residence, His Excellency Kim Sungsoo enquired about the 2019 World Championship in Manchester, upon which he wanted to honour the Federation, in case some athletes won medals.

“It’s a great honour to have you all here. President Otu, I am eager to know about your trip to Manchester. I hope it went well. It is the desire of the Embassy to support your federation in any way we can.”

In response, the President of GTF stated the unfortunate incident about the inability for the athletes to acquire visa; linking it to the same ordeal by several other African Countries. He as well outlined the significance of his presence at the General Assembly, which he would have abandoned due to the visa issues of the athletes but for an agreement by the Board with approval by the NSA.

“I would have stayed but had to appointments to meet with Senior Director of Member relations and Development Department of World Taekwondo, JeongPark Seo, who I have managed to secure 2nd Generation Protective and Scoring System (PSS). Dr Richard Barnor, special advisor to the President of WT for Tkd Humanitarian foundation who also wants to support a championship before All African Games with medals. Daniel Kobbina, a Ghanaian Taekwondo Instructor in the USA who will also support us in the championship. As well as Azza Fouly, the WT GMS Administrator for Africa. At the General Assembly, all the African countries whose athletes couldn’t secure visas petitioned the World Taekwondo.”

The Director-General felt bad for the athletes but acknowledged the importance of the President’s presence at the General Assembly which indeed has brought good things to Ghana.

“It is rather unfortunate for the athletes and I think your petition to the World body was in place, however, if you hadn’t gone, you wouldn’t have secured all these things. I was wondering why publication came stating you abandoned your team while the NSA made you sign an undertaken and later allowed you to go.”

Meanwhile, Acting Head of Technical, Kwaku Abedu Wilson added his voice, revealing to the Ambassador and others present how the Board of the GTF approached him after coming to an agreement, that the President must attend the World General Assembly.

“In fact, when they came to the Office after noticing the DG wasn’t around, they confided in me and I also agreed the President takes the lead, so the other board members ensure the athletes also leave as and when their visas come. I was even monitoring the visa together with one board member, Samuel Annor, who was also very worried about the situation.”


Ambassador Kim Sungsoo also expressed his ill feeling about the entire situation and remarked that going forward, the World Taekwondo must cooperate well with the British Embassy to ensure visa acquisition doesn’t become an issue to African countries after learning, about 15 other countries didn’t receive visas.

The situation also led to Africa missing out on the medal table at the 25th Championship for the first time since Chicago, the USA in 1995.

Before the meeting ended, President Otu sought for the support of the National Sports Authority, and the Korea Embassy in implementing the Global Membership System (GMS) which registers all members of the Taekwondo, as he envisages difficulty in getting practitioners and officials unto the GMS. Currently, only 35 members of the entire Federation are on the GMS, which is bad.

The World Taekwondo (WT) in its Statutes Article 16.IV says ‘All MNA’s shall implement the World Taekwondo Global Membership System in accordance with the World Taekwondo Global Membership Bylaws. MNA’s that fail to actively expand the GMS within their territories or that are shown to be abusing the GMS system may have the GMS administration rights removed’.

Meanwhile, the GMS Bylaws, Article 6.2 states ‘All members of an MNA must have an active WT membership by no later than December 31, 2022. Any individual (Athlete or official) attending any WT G ranked Events must hold an active WT Global Licence. Each MNA has an option, should they choose, to allow non-members of the MNA to receive WT Licence.’

The Ambassador showed concern and the need to ensure the GMS is implemented as the Federation is prepared to actively use the GMS for their national Programs as well, which includes the annual Korea Cup Championship; and the notification to the Embassy, should they see a minimal number of participants.

The Director General, Prof Peter Twumasi who had earlier lauded the GTF and the WT for having such a system (at the Closing Ceremony of the DNSS program last month) as the NSA requires a database from all Federations promised the GTF of their utmost support to ensure the implementation is successful.

After several other deliberations on sports in general with comparisons of how other countries succeed and relating to how Ghana will successfully host the All African Games in 2023, the Ambassador presented 210 Taekwondo Uniforms (Dobok) and 350 belts to the GTF.

It was an undoubtedly fruitful meeting with teamwork assured and while the invitees expressed appreciation to the host, the NSA promised to also host the Ambassador for a Lunch meeting.

Source: GTF