GTF President urges local Tennis players to work hard

GTF President urges local Tennis players to work hard

…Commends McDan ITF World Tour in Ghana

GTF Prez Duah

Isaac Duah, president of the Ghana Tennis Federation (GTF) has praised Dr. Daniel McKorley of McDan Group of companies and the sponsors who organized 2019 McDan ITF World Tour at the Accra Sports Stadium last week.

Speaking to Yours Truly, he commended all participants and winners.

He was however not happy with the performance of the Ghanaian players, though the standard of the game was very high.

According to Mr. Duah, it is sad to see no Ghanaian player at the Semi Final Stage and urge them to beef up their training and try to win any international tournament that comes to Ghana.

He noted that with the success of the McDan Open which started humbly as a national event and was upgraded to West Africa and now a World Tour, it is now time for Ghanaian players to be serious and train hard to become champions as well as earn the top prize money at stake.

He noted that the foreign players invest much in the game with their kits and tours, so as the World Tour has come to Ghana, it is upon the players to learn something from the top seeds and try to beat them in future.

He noted that the McDan tournament 2019 which begun with the juniors was very wonderful and exciting. He said the game brought out many Tennis enthusiasts and prayed that more sponsors will join as the event becomes bigger and better.

He hinted that Ghana is planning to move from Zone 3 to Zone 2 in the world ranking, and a lot depend on the players and coaches.

He also thanked the media who have been promoting Tennis.

“There is hope for the future” he expressed.

Picture above shows Isaac Duah presenting the runners up trophy to Darry Hale of Britain who partnered Niklas Johansen of Sweden to lose 6-4, 6-1 to the Lock brothers from Zimbabwe. 

By Sammy Heywood Okine