Female Rugby Star Rafatu InusahTalks About SWAG Awards And The Future Of The Game

Female Rugby Star Rafatu InusahTalks About SWAG Awards And The Future Of The Game


Female Rugby Player, Rafatu Inusah who got injured and had to switch playing to administrative work spoke to the General of Ghana Sports on the SWAG Awards and the future of the game in Ghana.


This is the first time SWAG  is awarding Rugby players; so Rafatu and Angel Michael the skipper of the national team who are poised to win the national team of the year award will take home something to remember and recognition at the 44th AWARDS  ceremony of the Sports Journalists in Ghana.
She spoke to Yours Truly in an exclusive interview from Kumasi, the garden city, during the celebration of the Asantehene. This is what Rafatu said... 
I believe this will influence some ladies who have now stepped in to push Rugby forward. Ladies like Kadija, Anita and Sandra who are also involved in the get Into Rugby Program initiated by World Rugby and adopted by Ghana Rugby through our able leader Mr Herbert Mensah to develop the game to Schools and community across the country

herbert mensah rugby

I dedicate this award to the Ghana Rugby Ladies and to all women in Sports.
Mr Herbert Mensah is my inspiration. He saw what I could not see and said “I want you to come and start with the development program Get Into Rugby “in 2015 which am humbly grateful for every support he gave to go to the schools and also to develop women’s Rugby which is one of his agenda when he took over as the president of Ghana Rugby
Yes please, am walking and doing administrative work currently
Absolutely motivating to do more to Rugby and women’s Rugby in Ghana
Well, I humbly say thank you for recognizing our efforts for our various sports
All I want to tell my fans out there is to work had in silence and leave the rest to Allah, for He is Omnipresent.
And may Almighty Allah recognize them also in every aspect of the lives and bless them as well. 

What’s New?
We currently have new strength and conditioning coach Stuart Aimer and Collin Ousbone who is the skills coach all from London. Balls World Rugby and some small funds for the Get Into rugby Program which Previously we don’t have etc.

New Media

Rugby In Ghana is trending viral day in day out on social media, Facebook, Joyonline, GTV sports plus, GTV24 , multimedia etc Thank you, am humbly honored and grateful.

By Sammy Heywood Okine