GOC to set up Athletes Commission

GOC to set up Athletes Commission

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The Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) is set to reconstitute the controversial Athletes Commission that almost delayed the 2017 electoral congress of the GOC.

It would be recalled that the then candidate, Sahnoon Mohammed objected to the inclusion of an Athletes Commission to be part of the voting delegates saying they were not properly constituted.

After several minutes of deliberations, delegates voted that the Athletes Commission should not be allowed to have voting rights at the congress due to the nature they were set up.

However, GOC President Ben Nunoo Mensah has mentioned that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA) have given Ghana modalities and roadmap for the formation of an Athletes Commission who will operate on a constitution.

He hinted that the president of the Ghana Tennis Federation, Isaac Aboagye Duah will get names of representatives from the various federations under the GOC.

He said all the Presidents of the various federations are expected to submit two names for Olympic Sports and one name for non-Olympic sports after which the nominated athletes will meet to elect their leaders.

He explained that the elective positions would be a president, a vice president, a secretary and two other members who will be an advisory body, and the Commission and then the elected president will become a member of the GOC Board.

In a related development, the IOC has requested that Ghana sets up the Women's Commission, which WOSPA has gone far with nominations and will inform the GOC Board about their elected officers.

By Kenneth O. ADADE, Accra