Africa Beach Games 2019 Ilha Do Sal - Introducing The Island...

Africa Beach Games 2019 Ilha Do Sal - Introducing The Island...

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Sal, one of the 10 islands of the Cape Verde archipelago situated 460km due west of Senegal, is an island of year-round sun, blue azure sea and vast white sand beaches. It is these features that made the island the perfect location for the 1st African Beach Games.

Following a successful bid by the Cabo Verdean Olympic Committee (COC) the island was selected by the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ACNOA) to host the inaugural African Beach Games due to the many merits of the island and of Cape Verde. Sal is a world class hot-spot for sports and activities such as Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, Surfing, Diving and Fishing whilst also becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination.

The island takes its name from the salt industry at Pedra de Lume that first brought inhabitants to Sal in the 1800s. With the decline of the Salt industry the economy shifted focus onto fishing and, more recently, tourism. Sal accounts for more than 50% of Cape Verde's tourism industry and this is mostly focused around the town of Santa Maria, in the south of the island, and the location of the Sal 2019 African Beach Games.