The time to defy gravity is getting closer

The time to defy gravity is getting closer

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October 6, the eyes of the whole world will be set on the Obelisk in the city of Buenos Aires. Starting at 6pm, a historic celebration will begin to take shape: the opening ceremony for the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018.

It will be the first time that the inauguration of an Olympic tournament will take place outside a stadium and with free and open access to the public. There is only one mandate: to celebrate the transformative power of Olympism along with the more than 4000 athletes that will be in the show's front row.

The ceremony will involve one the biggest logistical endeavours in Argentina’s history. Some 2000 people will be in charge of carrying it out, under the artistic direction of the Fuerza Bruta theatre group and production by Ozono Producciones.

As with any event of such magnitude, some streets will be closed to traffic in order to guarantee that the audience gets a historic experience. There will also be a never-before-seen security operation.

The following is a map showing the streets that will be closed to traffic during the ceremony and recommendations for the use of public transport:

The whole Olympic family, led by the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, will be present at the celebration.

For the past few weeks the Obelisk has been getting ready for a show that will defy gravity. Artists hanging from harnesses, high-tech works and sound systems… The imagination will be pushed to the limit.