Taekwondo Peace Corps Call On GOC Veep

Taekwondo Peace Corps Call On GOC Veep


Four members of the Taekwondo Peace Corps in South Korea on Monday called on the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) Vice President to thank and wish him farewell after spending some weeks in Ghana teaching techniques in Taekwondo.

They were led by Mr. Fred Lartey Otu, President of the Ghana Taekwondo Federation (GTF) and his Techical Director, Stephen Amegashie.

Mr. Otu said the team who are made up of graduates in the sport have gone to coach kids and some youth in the Volta and Western Regions and were very happy with their short but impressive stay in Ghana.

The team was made up of Gawon Park (Ellie), Baram Kim, Seungjun Lee and Hwangi Kang.

Their spokesperson, Gawon Park said Ghana is a very nice place as they took some time to visit some tourist attractions like the Mountain Afadjato, the Monkeys Sanctuary and other places.


Mr. Paul Atchoe, the GOC Vice President commended them for sharing their knowledge with young Ghanaians in the Western and Volta Regions where there are some committed and loyal sportsmen and women.

He also thanked them for teaching about discipline and self defence.

Mr. Lartey Otu noted that the Ghana Taekwondo Federation is working hard to welcome more trainers to go round all the ten regions and make Taekwondo a popular sport, and if possible win an Olympic or Commonwealth medal for the nation.

He commended the Volta and Western Regional executives for their support in making the trip of the Peace Corps a success.