Ghanaians proud of 2018 Winter Games Representative Akwasi Frimpong

Government and people of Ghana proud of 2018 Winter Games Representative Akwasi Frimpong


The Government of Ghana says it is delighted with the performance and courage of   Akwasi Frimpong who represented the nation and finished last in his Olympic debut at the 2018 Winter Olympics at Pyeongchang in South Korea.

The 32-year-old placed 30th, with over 11 seconds behind the eventual winner, Yun Sung-bin of South Korea, after his third and final run.

He finished his first and second heat with a time of 53.97 and 54.46 seconds respectively on Thursday.


Notwithstanding, the government in a tweet Friday said Akwasi’s efforts has given Ghana overwhelming public relations benefits.

“Government and the people of Ghana is immensely proud of Frimpong Akwasi “GoldenSprint” regardless. The overwhelming ‘PR’ benefits brand ‘Ghana’ has enjoyed from your Olympic dream is hugely acknowledged and appreciated. Ayekoo!!!!”.


Meanwhile, in an interview with AFP, Akwasi said: “I’m going to take my wife on vacation.

“I don’t know where yet, but somewhere warm — I want the sun and the sand. Hopefully, I can surprise her by taking her somewhere like Hawaii. Or maybe the Dominican Republic, where we went on honeymoon.”

Despite freezing temperatures, Frimpong has lit up the Olympic skeleton competition.


He trailed home in 30th position — over 11 seconds behind eventual winner Yun Sung-bin of South Korea after his third and final run — but still felt like a champion.

“I came last but the most important thing is that I won the hearts of the people,” said Frimpong, who previously failed to qualify for the Olympics as a sprinter and in bobsleigh.

“The Olympic experience was awesome. I’ve never been in a place where so many people are cheering you on,” he added after becoming only the second athlete from Ghana to compete at a Winter Games.

“You feel like you’re a gold medalist, that’s how they make you feel each run. It’s incredible.”

Frimpong smiled sheepishly when asked what it feels like to throw oneself off an icy mountain head-first at 125kph (77mph) on what looks, to the casual observer at least, like a glorified baking tray.