WOSPAG president calls for adoption of Ampe for AG 2023

WOSPAG president calls for adoption of Ampe for AG 2023

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The President of Women Sports Association of Ghana (WOSPAG), Mrs Joyce Mahama has called for the adoption and acceptance of Ampe, a traditional energy-driven game usually played by school children at the upcoming  13th African Games (AG).

According to her, although the game is played in most African countries, it has different names and was important to have a common name for it to help in its promotion.

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In an interview with the Ghanaian Times Sports after an online meeting with stakeholders in the sport across the continent, the President of WOSPAG, Mrs Joyce Mahama said “Ghana is working hard to have the name of the sport as ‘Ampe’ because it would first be played in Ghana as at the 2023 AG to be hosted by Ghana.”

She was of the view thatthe name when accepted, would again put Ghana in the limelight as it would be used in subsequent games.

Mrs Mahama also indicated that, stakeholders were working to streamline the rules and regulations for the sport.

She said though there were some similarities in the rules and regulations, there was the need to have one working document to effectively regulate it.

She said in order to have a comprehensive document, the rules and regulations of the sport was being translated from English to French and vice versa to help both Anglophone and Francophone athletes have a better understanding.

“It is our hope that the country’s borders will be opened by October to enable stakeholders to meet and adopt common rules and regulations for the sport.”

“The sport in other countries is played by both men and women while music is played along but here in Ghana, it is the preserve of women and no music is played along: so we need to properly regulate it,” she added.

Mrs Mahama called on stakeholders to come on board to help develop and promote the sport before the 2023 games.

Source - Ghanaian Times