Award-winning broadcaster Benny Bonsu joins Olympic Channel

Award-winning broadcaster Benny Bonsu joins Olympic Channe



Benny Bonsu has been named the director of daily content for the Olympic Channel ©Basketball England

Award-winning broadcaster Benny Bonsu has joined the Olympic Channel as the new director of daily content.

Bonsu leaves her position at the sports digital platform GiveMeSport, where she became the first female sports editor in the United Kingdom when she led the GiveMeSportWomen's team.

Her previous experience includes the BBC World Service, where she spoke about the National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League and the English Premier League's African athletes.

She has also worked at NBA Global Games London for Sky Sports, as well as being the voice of China's premier sports brand Li-Ning, with NBA star Dwyane Wade.







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Benny Bonsu 

Bonsu was nominated for Sportswoman Of the Year at the Batons Award 2018, while she was a finalist for the prestigious Women Trust's Award for Best Media Individual of the Year in 2017.

She won the Rising Star for Education and Academia Award at the We Are The City Awards in 2017 for her work with the Girls In Sport Foundation.

"I am elated to announce that I am joining the International Olympic Channel as the new director of daily content," Bonsu said on Twitter.

"It has been an incredible year with my GiveMeSportWomen team but looking forward to this new opportunity, adding and learning new things with an amazing team of people."

Bonsu also served as sports operations and policies manager for the London 2012 Organising Committee.

She is a United Nations Women Ambassador for ending violence against women, and also serves on the Board at Basketball England.

During the recent race protests in the United States and across the world, Bonsu has used her platform to speak about racism in sport.

By Michael Houston