Accra Hearts of Oak Most Valuable Players For 2019/2020 Season

Accra Hearts of Oak Most Valuable Players For 2019/2020 Season

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The Oldest club in Ghana, Accra Hearts of Oak have the most Valuable squad in the 2019-20 season. The club valued at 2.03 Million euros and the most expensive Player valued at 200 million euros.

The Continental clubs masters were nineth with 21 points in the Ghana Premier league 2019/20 suspended league season.

A number of players haven’t been in their top form as compare to last season, the likes of Joseph Esso, Fatawu Mohammed, Manaf Umar among others but the like of Fredrick Ansah Botchway, Kordzi, Benjamin Afutu among others have improved this season. take a look at the 12 most Valuable players in Hearts team and the criteria used in determining their value is based on the Figure from Transfer market.

The player market valuation deals with the following factors in determining the cost of a player.

Age of Player– Age plays a vital role while deciding the price, because no club would want to pay such a huge sum to a player who has just entered the ‘wrong’ side of 30.

Strength of the league -The league that the player is playing in does impact value.

Position of the Player – One of the most important criteria for deciding the transfer value is the position where the player plays whether he is a centre forward, an attacking midfielder, a defender, or a goalkeeper

Role of the Player in the team – The importance of a player to his team impacts alot in deciding his value, clubs will normally price their most important players at high prices.

Brand Value of the Player – The Brand value plays a decisive role in deciding the transfer value.

Current form – factor which shoots the value of the player unexpectedly is his current form like playing in the National team.

Historic Cost – This involves valuing the player at the transfer fee paid for them.

Replacement Cost – Valuing a player based on how much it would cost to replace in the transfer market.

Market base Cost – Valuing a player based on how much other clubs are willing to offer in the market

Full list of the most 12 Valuable players in Hearts of oak team.

  1. Nuhu Suley €200 million euros

Nuru Suley

  1. Richard Attah €125 Million euros

Richard Attah

  1. Benjamin Agyare €100 million euros

Benjamin Agyare

  1. William Dankyi- €100 million euros

William Dankyi

  1. Okemba Ovouka- €100 million euros

Okemba Ovouka

  1. Robert Addo- €75 million euros

Robert Addo

  1. Mohammed Alhassan €75 million euros

Mohammed Alhassan

  1. Benjamin Afutu- €75 million euros

Benjamin Afutu

  1. Frederick Ansah Botchway- €75 million euros

Frederick Ansah Botchway

  1. Joseph Esso- €75 million euros.

Joseph Esso

  1. Daniel Afriyie- €75 million euros

Daniel Afriyie

  1. Kofi Kordzi- 75 million euros

Kofi Kordzi

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