Stay Positive – Women’s Commissioner Lizzy King advices Sports Women

Stay Positive – Women’s Commissioner Lizzy King advises Sports Women

madam king and 2 athleres

Madam Elizabeth S. King, Women’s Commissioner of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) has advised sports people, especially young ladies doing sports not to be discouraged, but strive to be the best.

In an exclusive interview to mark this year’s Olympic Day, she said it is very sad that the Covid-19 pandemic took the whole world by storm, and it is still spreading.

She noted that women and children are always at risk, but they should stay strong and abide by the health and safety protocols.

She urged sports women and girls not to stop exercising and training at home to keep their fitness and moral high, even if their coaches are not there.

She tasked all Ghanaian females to be positive minded, keep themselves busy not to be dull and say safe by observing social distance, avoiding hand shakes and wash hands with soap under running water very often or use sanitizers.

She expressed that at the early stages of the year, the Women’s Commission was planning to organize many programmes and events, but they had to be postponed or cancelled.

She commended the president of the GOC, Ben Nunoo Mensah for his vision and support for the Commission and encouraged the secretariat to continue doing the hard work.

The former national hockey star, now vice president of the Ghana Hockey Association also acknowledged the media for promoting sports, and charged them to promote women in sports.

By Sammy Heywood Okine