President of Ghana Karate Do Federation Melvin Brown talks on the effect of Covid-19 on the sport

President of Ghana Karate Do Federation Melvin Brown talks on the effect of Covid-19 on the sport



Mr. Melvin Brown, President of the Ghana Karate Do Federation says it has not been easy dealing with the Covid-19 as they did not expect it to become a global pandemic, and had to adhere to protocols.

He wished that the pandemic would cease so that his athletes can return to normal ways of training and prepare for local and international events.

According to him the Federation has already started online training via zoom. The training involves the non contact aspect of Karate called kata and kihons.

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“God willing when we have proper control over covid then we can get back to normal ways and add the contact aspect of karate called Kumite. We also hope to kick start our online kata competition on the 20th of June. So at least we're trying our best to keep our athletes active and busy” he said.

Brown said the pandemic has affected everyone in sports, and now people live in a world of carefulness and adjustment.

“Every programme under the World Karate Federation and the African Karate Federation has been thrown out of gear” he expressed.

He hinted that there is no government support, while it is only a media who promote Karate Do, unlike Football, which is very popular in Ghana.

He thus appealed to sports journalists to support all the sports disciplines as not everyone loves to play football.

Mr. Brown said there are some good materials who are talented, but they need better support from not just government but corporate institutions to do more.

He thanked companies like Midwest, Citydia Supermarket, Margins Group, Bond Finance and personalities like the President of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) Mr.Ben Nunoo-Mensah and,the Secretary-General Mr Richard Akpokavie who have supported the Karate Do Federation.

By Sammy Heywood Okine