GAHA To Organise Virtual Knockout Tournament In Accra

GAHA To Organise Virtual Knockout Tournament In Accra


Handball lovers would be given a treat in the mist of this COVID19 era and with the total absence of sports events, the organisers have deemed it right to keep Handball in Accra active by running a virtual tournament.

According to Eric S. Adjeyi, Secretary General of the GAHA, this virtual tournament will be run on social media and will be done as following:

-all teams in Accra will be considered in the knockout tournament

-a male and female match will be played a day. Playing of matches will be in the form of a 24hour voting on Facebook.

-the final voting result will determine who moves to the next round.

This virtual tournament is purely meant for fun and to keep us active. This will also allow the following:

-test teams popularity on social media

-allow teams to build their fan base online

-entertain all handball lovers and followers.

The only selection that will be done will be teams facing each other in an online match of votes.


All the best to every one and we hope this will keep us active and safe.


A website link to fixtures, time and date will be shared on all our platforms to enable you follow the virtual tournament from the comfort of your confinement.


He charged all Handball lovers to remember to adhere to all safety measures in order to reduce the spread of COVID19.


Qualified teams have been slotted for the eKnockout Competition which kicks off on Saturday 23rd May 2020 at 8:00am.


From Sammy Heywood Okine