Effects of Covid-19 On Sports Are Enormous …As Top Sports Personalities Call For Positive Action

Effects of Covid-19 On Sports Are Enormous Top Sports Personalities Call For Positive Action

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It has been established that the effects of the coronavirus on sports are very massive as it has really halted or put down many activities and businesses in the sports industry.

Even the biggest sports event in the world, the Olympic Games dubbed Tokyo 2020 has been postponed till next year.

GTV Sports Plus collaborated with Global Media Alliance’s Happy FM and ETV to host some top sports personalities in a virtual show which featured the Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports, President of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC), Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Youth & Sports and the President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

Also on the programme was the Secretary General of SWAG.

Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports Hon. Perry Okudzeto revealed that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the bidding of processes on Procuement issues for the new National Olympic Complex to be used for African Games 2023.

He said government is constructing resource centers around the country and some of the major stadia are being renovated.

Hon. Alex Agyekum, Chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Youth & Sports warned sports authorities not to give excuses using the covid-19.

He suggested that virtual meetings be held as well as paper works and correspondences must go on as schedules.

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He stressed that sports authorities must not be caught unaware in their planning and preparations.

Ben Nunoo Mensah the GOC President said there should be invest in sports that the nation has potentials of winning medals, and not only football.

He expressed that athletes and boxers have qualified on their own, with support from their federations as the government has failed to invest in the other sports excerpt football.

“The level of investment in sports is virtually zero, and if government want to see more medals from athletes, then there should be more investment” he stressed.

Kurt Okraku the GFA President urged Ghanaians to have patience as they considering advise from the Medical Committee and other stake holders including supporters to find the way forward.

He hinted engaging some Football Associations in Europe and Africa to consider their protocols.


“Unless there is a vaccine our football administration and management will never be the same in the next one or two years” said Kurt Okraku.

Charles Osei Asibey, General Secretary of SWAG said the media is a major stake holder and sports journalists should be involved in preparations, planning and information dissemination for successful results in Ghana Sports.

By Sammy Heywood Okine