Politicians Warned Not To Mislead Electorate In Coronavirus Campaign Era

Politicians Warned Not To Mislead Electorate In Coronavirus Campaign Era


… Olla Williams Commends Ghana Olympic Committee

Mr. Emmanuel Olla Williaams, founder of the Schools Sanitation Inspection Tour has warned politicians in Ghana not to take advantage of the coroniavirus scare to their advantage by misinforming the public.

Speaking to Yours Truly in an exclusive interview he said the pandemic is serious as children, old people and even the youth are at a risk.

“We are all in danger and we have to know what to do at the right time. This is not the time for politicians to campaign for vote with their pictures and posters on sanitizers, soap and buckets of water” he expressed.

According to Williams who is also the youth coordinator of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC), ideas and plans must be taken to save Ghanaians instead of using the pandemic for politics.

He adviced the youth of Ghana who are the future leaders not to be led astray by any politician, be it opposition or government member.

Emmanuel Olla Williams commended companies like Unilever, Kasapreko, Gihoc Distillaries and McDan Group who have found ways and means to save Ghanaians by manufacturing more sanitizers.

He said it is very sad that the coronavirus has attacked the world in an Olympic year, but was very optimistic that solutions would be found and the Games would be held at a later date, maybe in 2021.

He commended the president and board of the GOC for not rushing to take hasty decisions on Ghana’s participation to the Tokyo Games, but waiting on the IOC to come out.

He urged sportsmen and women to abide by the directives of the World Health Organisation (WHO), Ministry of Health and the government like washing of hands regularly with soap under running water, using sanitizers to clean hands, staying away from public gathering and wearing nose and mouth masks if possible.

He also advised Ghanaians to exercise as regular body training will keep one physically fit and healthy.

By Sammy Heywood Okine and Elizabeth Alhassan